Toronto: Flying Flags for Many Nations

Toronto is famous for its diverse range of cultural communities. From Chinatown to Greektown and Little Italy, there is no shortage of culturally rich neighbourhoods to visit if you want to do a little exploring.


Each neighbourhood has something unique to offer and with so many neighbourhoods in Toronto it can be hard to know exactly where to go to really immerse yourself in the community culture. That is why we’ve put together an info graphic that helps to narrow it down. We’ve chosen some of the top culturally rich neighbourhoods in Toronto and given you a run-down on them based on the following categories: location, history, famous landmarks, places to eat and upcoming festivals. So, if you’re new to Toronto or even a local who needs an excuse to go exploring, you will know exactly where to go to get your cultural fix!


For example, take Little India’s history; it originated in 1972 when businessman Gian Naaz purchased the Eastwood Theatre on Gerrard Street, now known as the Naaz Theatre, and began to screen Bollywood and Pakistani films! Today there is some great places to eat in little India and of course, the Diwali festival is celebrated herein October/November each year. To find out more on some of the other neighbourhoods in Toronto, check out our info graphic below.

Infographic: Toronto - Flying the Flags for Many Nations

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