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Unique Wedding Ideas


We are not overstating matters when we say that your wedding day ceremony and reception are the up there as being one of the biggest days of your life. Yes of course you will have other big days: the day you become a parent, the day you win the lottery if you’re lucky enough or some other momentous occasion. However, your wedding day is a day where you and your partner take centre stage in front of all your family and friends and there’s no mistaking it, you want it to be perfect!

Same Old Same Old

Let’s face it; we have all been to dour weddings which aren’t memorable. You don’t want your day to fall into that category right? Well with our unique wedding ideas, your wedding day celebrations will linger long in your family and friend’s memories. People would be lying if they don’t admit that they want their wedding to be distinguished as being the best so check out these top suggestions to ensure your wedding is the most wonderful of occasions.

The Cake

The cake at a wedding ceremony holds a couple of uses, the obvious one being that it’s something for your guests to eat and it can also be used as a keepsake to send to those who couldn’t make it on the day. The second purpose is that it’s wonderful as a photo setting. Couples traditionally pose with their wedding cake and guests clamour to capture an image of a beautiful moment in time. So why not make this part of the occasion that little bit different and change it up a little. Here are some ways to make your cake unique:


Make it non-traditional: You could choose to have a cake made of slabs of cheese layers rather than traditional cake layers. Many people adore cheese and you can be really theatrical about how you display it, just check out the image below where a couple used three different types of cheese to layer and they used fruit to decorate. This is a simple but effective idea and the great thing is that you can slice it up and give the segments as gifts afterwards as so many people adore cheese and it goes so well with wine! #happyguests.


Unique Wedding Idea: A Wedding Cake Made of Cheese


Fake it: As we said already, the cake’s purpose is a photo opportunity mostly as opposed to it being the culinary experience for the day. So why not use a fake cake and save your dollars! No one would know and many bakers are used to doing this. Basically you just use polystyrene layers and get your baker to decorate it as normal with icing…just don’t actually cut into it! If you choose a fake cake, be sure to go really theatrical with the icing decorations so it doesn’t look too plain. Why not get icing characters made of you both to top it… the guests would love it!

Wedding Reception Ideas: Play that Funky Music!

Everyone will comment and have opinions about the music at a wedding so it’s important to stay focused on this element. Music has the ability to kick start the atmosphere but getting it right can be difficult as everyone’s tastes are so different. To get a feel for what people’s tastes are, add a line on your RSVP where you ask people for a song request. It’s a really unique wedding idea and people will adore the personalization and fun element of it. It’s like setting the scene for the party and you never know some people might prepare a dance routine which would be so much fun!


Unique Wedding Idea: Song Request RSVP
Image credit: blogs.mspmag.com

Double Dress

The wedding dress is without doubt one of the main focal points of the wedding experience, both for the bride and the guests. People love to see what the bride is wearing and will inevitably comment or form opinion on what they see. In the majority, brides like to keep it traditional and you probably do too but why not target the best of both worlds with a double dress. Source a dress that is undeniably traditional in style and have it altered so that it can be converted into a sexier piece for some late night dancing. You can really have fun with this idea like the bride did below and show off your dancing moves without fear of tripping on your voluminous gown. Imagine the gasps when you whip off half the skirt! #showstopper.


Unique Wedding Idea: Changeable Wedding Dress
Image credit: shiftmodel.com

Quirky Wedding Ideas

Quirky wedding ideas will always get people talking but some might mean taking a slight chance in that not everyone might ‘get’ them or appreciate them as much as you or your partner will. However, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that it’s your celebration and the quirkier the idea, the more memorable the day is likely to be!

Anniversary Piñata

Piñatas have become insanely popular for birthday parties and celebrations so why not have one made up with a wedding theme but reverse it a little. Create some signage that directs people to write a note to you and your partner with well wishes or predictions for the future and leave a little hole in the piñata for them to pop it into – akin to a letterbox. You can also make it clear on your signage that you and your partner will crack it open on your one year anniversary or after you return from honeymoon. It’s something fun and nostalgic for you to look forward to. Furthermore, the prettier you make the piñata, the more chance it will be another great photo opportunity too! Check out The Knot’s great post ( https://www.theknot.com/content/12-wedding-pinatas-were-obsessed-with) on this idea.

Flower “Ladies”

Everyone oohs and ahhs when the flower girls walk up the aisle for the ceremony and they usually rock out on the dance floor later too. However who ever said that there was an age limit to a flower girl? Again, it’s your day so you write the rule book so if you have a rockin’ grandma (or two), why not make them your flower gals? They would be chuffed and it would make such a unique scene…two cute old ladies, what’s not to love?!

Light it Up

Unique Wedding Idea: Sparklers
Image Credit: User:sreejithk2000

Fireworks are great for guests in the evening and it creates a fantastic sense of occasion but if the night is cloudy they can be hampered plus they are expensive so might be out of your budget. As an alternative, pick up some cheap sparklers, place them in buckets for later and once darkness falls you and your guests can go outside and create a wonderfully, sparkling scene for very few dollars. Crank it up a little with some DJ music which you can easily organise with a bluetooth speaker and someone’s phone/iPod. The photo opportunities from this could be amazing!


Quirky Wedding Ideas or Not – Have Fun!

You will read loads of posts about how to make your wedding memorable and you will likely take lots of notes and you might even use some and they will make your wedding good fun but it is so important to remember that having a memorable wedding shouldn’t be the focal point of your objectives. Your wedding day is a celebration of the union with the love of your life and you should never lose sight of that fact. Strip away all the confetti, all the piñatas and all the fancy flowers and it’s who is standing at the top of the aisle holding your hand that is the most important thing; get that right and you’re guaranteed a day to live long in the memory. #eternallove


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