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At Lakeshore Convention Centre, we are passionate about all things food and as such we have created an infographic about the significant role played by confusing labelling in food waste.


Do you find yourself getting confused by the “use by,” “sell by,” “best by,” “use before” dates on food? Well, you’re not alone. Experts posit that widespread confusion around food expiry date labelling is a massive contributor to global food waste.


With many people taking a “better safe than sorry” attitude towards food expiry dates, we are now seeing an unprecedented amount of perfectly decent food being thrown away every year. For example, 90% of Americans throw away food prematurely because they believe it has expired and this accounts for a loss of 40% of the country’s total food supply every year.


So, what can you do to fight food waste? The first step is to get informed. Check out our infographic below to learn more about the meanings of the different terms used in food expiry labelling, including “use-by”, “sell-by” and “best before” dates. This will help you to distinguish whether the labelling indicates whether the food is merely past its peak freshness or is completely unsafe to eat.


The infographic below also outlines a number of other methods you can try out to reduce food waste at home. For example, one thing you can do today is to use your initiative to raise awareness among local and national decision-makers around how lack of public knowledge contributes to massive food waste.


Read our infographic now to find out how you can stop throwing away perfectly good food.


What Do Food Expiry Dates Really Mean? The Food Waste Epidemic (Infographic)


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